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HCPTA Awards, Grants, Scholarships



Outstanding Principal

Elementary – Jamie Burton, Blossomwood Elementary

Middle – Yvette Coley-Smith, Hampton Cove Middle

High – Cory Muhammad, Huntsville High School


Outstanding Teacher

Elementary – Faith Plunkett, Monte Sano Elementary

Middle/Junior High – Gary Leopold, Academy for Academics and Arts

High – Jeffrey Lang, Huntsville High School


Outstanding Support Staff

Elementary – Debra Darkow, Blossomwood Elementary School

Middle/Junior High – Beth Sparkman, Hampton Cove Middle

High – Sharon Grubbs, Grissom High School


Volunteer of the Year

Elementary – Hannah Alderson, Whitesburg P-8

Middle/Junior High – Stephanie Winters, Hampton Cove Middle School

High – Layna Payne, Grissom High School


Family-School Partnership Awards


Welcoming All Families

Elementary – Whitesburg Schools

High – Grissom High School


Communicating Effectively

Elementary – Jones Valley Elementary

Middle/Junior High – Hampton Cove Middle

High – Grissom High School


Supporting Student Success

Elementary – Whitesburg School

High – Huntsville High School


Speaking Up for Every Child

Elementary – Jones Valley Elementary

High – Huntsville High School


Sharing Power

Elementary – Jones Valley Elementary

High – Huntsville High School


Collaborating with the Community

Elementary – Chaffee Elementary Elementary

Middle/Junior High – Hampton Cove Middle

High School – Grissom High School



Scholarship Winners


Huntsville High School – Vivica Parker and Samuel Johnston

Lee High School – Breon Miller and Jordan Bailey

Columbia High School – Radhika Patel and Omar Cunningham

New Century High School – Natia Nixon and Jasmine Le

Grissom High School – Josie Walters and Skyler Hamilton

Jemison High School – Trinity Mitchell and Taniece Ricketts



Grant Winners


Fall 2017 Grants:

Challenger Elementary

Huntsville High School

Providence Elementary

Huntsville Jr. High School

Chaffee Elementary

Mt. Gap P-8

Grissom High School


Spring 2018 Grants:

Academy for Academic and Arts

Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary

Hampton Cove Elementary

Jones Valley Elementary

Hampton Cove Middle School

Jemison High School



Schools of Excellence


Monte Sano Elementary

Huntsville High

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