JAN 16-JUL 15  M2M Late Application Window

JAN 4                Students Return from Break (First Day of Second Semester)

JAN 7-28          Magnet Application(AGT)

JAN 10              Deadline to Submit Reflections' Entries to State Office

JAN 18              Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, No School

JAN 28              Reflections City Awards, Location TBD, 6:00 p.m

FEB 2-26         Magnet Application(College Academy)

FEb 14-21         Take your Family to School Week

FEB 15             Presidents' Day, No School

MAR 1             Deadline to Remit Membership for Gold Leaf Award

                        Deadline to Submit Family - School Partnership Award Applications

                        Deadline to Submit Educator Award Nominations

                        Deadline for Oak Tree Award

                        Deadline for 100% Membership Award

                        Deadline for 100% Membership Consecutive Years Award

                        Deadline for Big Topper Award

                        Deadline for Largest PTA Award

                        Deadline for Outstanding Membership Award


MAR 29-APR 2  Spring Break (Students/Teachers)

APR 1             New Reflections Theme Launches - I Will Change The World By...

APR 16-17      Alabama PTA Convention, Huntsville, AL

MAY 1            Reflections 2020-2021 National Winners Announced

MAY 27-28    Graduation

MAY 28         End of Second Semester(Last Day for Students)

MAY 31         Memorial Day Holiday

JUN 1            Teacher Work Day/Professional Development

JUN 21          National PTA Convention, Grapevine, TX

Huntsville Council News


Leadership Training 

For the first time ever our annual  PTA Leadership Training  was held virtually on Tuesday, September 19, 2020. If you didn't make the training don't worry! All the training is available any day, any time.


Running your PTA 

The Council contributes to a stronger, more effective organization by providing information, inspiration, and instruction to our local PTAs. Let us help you!

Advocate & Outreach 

Promote a welcoming PTA climate and contribute to a respectful, inclusive school community and create meaningful family involvement.

Take Action

Stay aware of local, state and federal legislations, news and important events