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Calendar Opt Out Bill

HB288, SB9

Last year our state legislature voted to enact the calendar bill, mandating a start and finish time for every school in Alabama.   We must start no sooner than 2 weeks before Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.  As everyone knows, in order to squeeze in 180 days of instruction time, we have had to sacrifice fall break, days in the Winter Break, and several federal holidays.   The bill has a sunset or ending in the Fall of 2013.  The bill is still impacting our 2013-2014 school year.   There is talk that members of the legislature will try and make the bill permanent next year.  In the 2013 session there are bills in the House and Senate giving school systems the ability to opt out of the mandated calendar.   The Senate bill is in the Finance and Taxation Committee and the House Bill is in the Education Policy committee.  To read the  bill, click on the links below.   Make sure to let your legislators know how you feel about these two bills.

Senate Bill 9   House Bill 288

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