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Milton Frank Concessions

How it works:

The Huntsville Council of PTAs extends an invitation to all Huntsville City Schools PTA/PTSAs and approved school affiliated organizations (sports teams, boosters clubs, bands, clubs, ROTC, debate teams, SGAs, etc…) an opportunity to raise funds by working concessions at Milton Frank Stadium during the football season.  The linked documents above contain the Concessions Agreement and Schedule.  All Games will be assigned “first come, first serve” rotational bases:


 Organizations from schools participating in scheduled game(s) will receive top priority.

  • Home Team Organizations (1st Priority)

  • Visiting Team Organizations (2nd Priority)

  • All other game request will be assigned and rotated among volunteering organizations.  Based on day/time your request (i.e. Concession Agreement and games requested) is received.

  • One (1) volunteer from each organization shall participate in “Concession Training” conducted by our Concession Managers prior to receiving a concession assignment. 


The football schedule is comprised of approximately 45 games at Milton Frank Stadium, schools without football teams (magnet and elementary schools) are encouraged to submit request. 

How you benefit:

Milton Frank Stadium

The fall schedule is comprised of approximately 45 games at Milton Frank Stadium.  

Each game requires a minimum number of volunteers to work the concession stands during the games.  Other responsibilities include inventorying products and cleaning the concession stand.

A portion of all sales (50% of the profit) is given to your organization for your hard work.  

Food, supplies, and game assignments are managed by the Huntsville Council PTA Concessions Team.


Team led by Concession Managers Emma Stone, Melvin Scruggs, Sandra Houston & Charmetrice Houston.

The Concession Managers are committed to help your organization earn much needed funds.

The remainder of the profits are used to replace equipment and upkeep of the concession stand as well as support HCPTA programs such as the grant and high school scholarship programs.

How to apply

In the fall, organizations submit their requests for games.  All schools -- even those without football teams (magnet and elementary schools) can submit requests to work the concession stand.


If your organization(s) is interested in working concessions please submit your signed Concessions Agreement and Schedule (including your selected games) ASAP, to and  

Game request via telephone, fax, text message will not be accepted.

If you have any or concerns or questions, please contact

Melvin Scruggs at 256-797-4875 (after 6:00 pm) or  

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