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Super Summer - FAQs 

It is going to be a SUPER SUMMER where CHARACTER COUNTS! The Huntsville Council of PTAs in partnership with the Huntsville offices of the Better Business Bureau and the Huntsville City Schools Positive School Climate Committee, are sponsoring a contest for students who will be enrolled in a Huntsville City school in 2013-2014.  The contest is modeled after Reflections, the fine arts program sponsored by National, State and Local PTAs.


What does an entry consist of?

Reflections is the fine arts competition held by PTA every fall. Winners at the local level move on to state judging and winners at the state level move on to national judging. Huntsville City Schools has had numerous state and national winners in the past.   We are a creative bunch!   This contest is based on the Reflections model, however we will only be including two of the categories: literature and visual arts.  For the purpose of our contest visual arts will include painting, drawing, and photography.   Literature will consist of essays or poems, and should be 1-2 pages; typed, double spaced, with a 12 font size.


How does a student submit an entry?

The entry form can be found on the Huntsville Council of PTAs website under the SUPER SUMMER tab. CLICK HERE to download the form.   Entries can be scanned and emailed to Huntsville PTA at, or they can be dropped off  in a SUPER SUMMER box at the Huntsville Madison Library.   We are working on more drop off locations, so stay tuned!


What are the age groups?

We have five categories for our participants. They are also modeled after Reflections. All the age groups indicate the rising grade, the grade on the first day of school, August 20, 2013. 

Primary:  Pre K - 2nd               Elementary:  3rd - 5th
Middle:  6th - 8th                      High School:  9th - 12th

There is also a category for Special Artist for those students of all ages who have an IEP and are receiving Special Education services.


Who are the judges?

Judges are from all areas of the community.  We will have military personnel, doctors, seated judges, fire fighters, police officers, the business community, and maybe even an astronaut or two, judge the entries.


What are the prizes?

The top entry in each age category will receive a medal and certificate to be presented at the summer school board meetings.   There will also be drawings from all the weekly entries where we will be giving away fun summer activities for families.  At the end of the summer there will be a grand prize drawing from the all of the entries submitted.  

Winners of the essay and visual art contest will be notified through email or phone based on the information given on the entry form, so make sure it is correct. We will also announce our winners on our Facebook page and website.


When do we start?

NOW!!   Deadlines for submission for all the character words will be on Fridays.    The first group of character words are honesty and integrity.  The deadline to submit an entry for those two words is May 31.  Here are all the character word groupings and their deadlines:

May 31 - Honesty & Integrity
Jun 7 - Diligence & Perseverance
Jun 14 - Generosity & Compassion
Jun 21 - Patience & Self Control
Jun 28 - Citizenship & Patriotism
Jul 5 - Self Respect, Respect for Others & Tolerance
Jul 12 - Creativity & Courage
Jul 19 - Courtesy & Cooperation
Jul 26 - Punctuality & Loyalty
Aug 1 - Cleanliness & Respect for Environment
Aug 9 - Cheerfulness & Kindness
Aug 16 - School Pride & Sportsmanship


Any questions?

Students may enter in one, some, or all of the weeks. If you are going to be out of town for a week, your entries can be submitted either one or two weeks early, however, make sure to indicate the character word/week you are submitting for.   We will not be able to accept entries more than two weeks early.

If you have any more questions, please email us or post your question on our facebook page.

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