Official PTA Leader Kit

Get Involved | Check out the National PTA Leader Kit

The National PTA has tools for every member of your board. Utilize the resources to get your group prepared for this coming school year. Access training guides for all your leaders including tips on getting organized, planning, budgeting and learning to lead the PTA way.

When you sign up for an account between now and September 20, you will be automatically enrolled in the PTA Bootcamp, unlocking a daily email with tools on how to strengthen leadership, grow membership, reach more families and much more.

How to access all the resources? Click on the link below and register for a new account if you don't have one already.

Esta guía proporciona muchos consejos y recursos para ayudar a los funcionarios locales entrantes de la PTA a tener un comienzo exitoso, incluyendo cómo organizar una junta de la PTA, liderar el camino de la PTA, planificar y promover actividades, y establecer y administrar tu presupuesto. Sigue el enlace y regístrate para crear una cuenta nueva y acceder a todos los recursos para tu PTA local.


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