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A Message from HCPTA Council President


It is with sheer excitement that I introduce myself as the new Huntsville Council PTA President! Serving in this role is incredibly important to me as I believe in and support the work and efforts of the National PTA past and present. It's indeed a privilege to represent the organization as a local leader and share in the camaraderie of other PTA members locally and nationally who are compelled to help all students succeed, make their schools great, and engage families in the educational experience of their child.

Of late, students and families have had to endure challenges amid COVID-19. Hopefully, as the summer months approach, many of you will have a chance to take a breather, spend quality time with family, or embark upon those adventures you had to put on hold. Although we are still faced with a bit of uncertainty, we will remain PTA strong for our students, parents, educators, and schools. We hope to be the anchor that provides ongoing support throughout the year for the success of the local PTAs and for what they will accomplish this upcoming school year for their school community.

For some PTAs, summer is a time of transitions as new officers come on board. We understand there is a lot to learn as you become familiar with your new role. Fortunately, to get you started there are resources available for you via links within this newsletter. Remember that we are always here to support you!

Have an enjoyable summer and we look forward to engaging with you soon!

Thank you for all you do,

Chasity McMillan

HCPTA President

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